Your Weight Loss Journey

At East Valley Surgery Center, in conjunction with Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, we make it a priority to give your weight loss journey a positive beginning. The day of your surgery, our experienced, reassuring staff will be there to ease your jitters and help you look forward to the changes ahead. Like thousands of people from Arizona communities such as Phoenix and Tucson, your weight loss surgery can be the beginning of the healthy future you deserve.

Your comfort, safety, and health are our priorities at East Valley Surgery Center. If you have any questions before you visit us for bariatric surgery in Tempe, call us at (480) 829-6100.

What to Expect

Many factors add up to a successful surgery. You can do your part by observing the following guidelines throughout the process:

For the highest attention to patient care and safety, we contract anesthesia services from the specialists at Grand Canyon Anesthesiology Consultants. Additionally, all nursing staff and physicians are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and there is a board-certified physician available on the premises at all times during surgical days to ensure our patients’ needs are met.

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