Your Rights & Responsibilities

Patients who undergo weight loss surgery in Tempe, Arizona, at East Valley Surgery Center have the following rights and responsibilities:

Patient Rights

  • Be treated with respect, consideration and dignity and receive care in a safe setting.
  • Be free from all forms of abuse and harassment.
  • Participate in decisions involving your health care and receive as much information about any proposed treatment or procedure as you may needs in order to give informed consent.
  • Be provided with complete information concerning your diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, prognosis and expected outcome before your procedure is performed. When it is medically inadvisable, the information shall be provided to a person designated by the patient or to a legally authorized person.
  • Expect full recognition of individuality, including personal privacy and respect to beliefs, personal and cultural values and preferences, in treatment and care. In addition, all disclosures and records will be treated confidentially, and, except when required by law, patients are given the opportunity to approve or refuse their release. Written permission shall be obtained before medical records are released.
  • Receive copies of our medical records upon written request.
  • Refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and be informed of the medical consequences of such a refusal. You accept responsibility for your actions should you refuse treatment or not follow instructions of the physicians of facility.
  • Be informed of any human experimentation or other research/educational projects affecting your care or treatment and you can refuse participation in such experimentation or research without compromise to your care.
  • Be informed of the facility’s Advance Directive policy verbally and in writing prior to you arrival in the surgery center.
  • Be informed of credentials of health professionals if requested.
  • Be fully informed before any transfer to another facility or organization and ensure the receiving facility has accepted the patient transfer. When it is medically inadvisable, the information shall be provided to a person designated by the patient or to a legally authorized person.
  • You have the right to exercise these rights without regard to race, color, religion, ancestry, nation of origin, sexual orientation, or marital status, the source of payment for care or reprisal.
  • Have initial and regular reassessment of pain.
  • Be informed of your right to change your provider if other qualified provider resources are available.
  • Be provided with information concerning services available at the facility; provisions for after-hours care and emergency care; fee for services; payment policies.
  • You have the right to voice grievances regarding treatment or care that is (or fails to be) furnished and to be informed of grievance procedures for expressing suggestions, complaints or grievances. All grievances will be investigated and a written notice of the Center’s decision will be provided to you.

In the event you feel we have not satisfactorily met your needs or have concerns regarding your experience at East Valley Surgical Center, please contact:

Director of Nursing
East Valley Surgery Center
1855 East Southern Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85282
(480) 829-6100

In the event that your grievance was not addressed to your satisfaction, you may contact:

Arizona Department of Health Services
Office of Medical Facility Licensing
150 N 18th Ave #450
Phoenix, AZ 85007-3245
(602) 364-3030 or (602) 364-3031

Patient’s Responsibilities

  • Provide complete and accurate information to the best of your ability about your health, any medications, including over the counter products and dietary supplements and any drug allergies or sensitivities.
  • Reporting whether you clearly understand the planned course of treatment and what is expected of you.
  • Inform the provider about any living will, medical power of attorney, or other directive that could affect your care.
  • Provide payment to the facility for copies of the medical records you request.
  • To examine your bill and ask any questions you may have regarding charges or methods of payments, and for assuring that the financial obligations of your health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible.
  • Be respectful of all health care providers and staff, as well as other patients.
  • Follow the treatment plan prescribed by your provider.
  • Provide a responsible adult to transport you home from the facility and remain with you for 24 hours.
  • Be considerate of patients and personnel and for assisting in the control of noise, smoking and other distractions.
  • Provide a preferred phone number and emergency contact phone number in order for a facility representative to contact you within the first 72 hours following your procedure.

Contact EVSC at (480) 829-6100 in the event that you or your emergency representative are not contacted by a facility representative within 72 hours of your discharge, or sooner if you are having problems.

Information on Advance Directives/Living Wills

You have the right to be informed of East Valley Surgery Center’s policy regarding Advance Directives. An Advance Directive is a general term that refers to your oral or written instructions about your future medical care in the event that you become unable to communicate those instructions. As a provider of outpatient services, it is the policy of East Valley Surgery Center that Advance Directives will NOT be honored. We will provide full resuscitative efforts for any patients requiring life-saving support. You, your conservator or guardian will be given an opportunity to cancel the surgical procedure. Upon request, an official Advance Directive form shall be provided to you.

Notice of Financial Interest/Ownership

East Valley Surgery Center is an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) owned and operated by a group of physicians (Dr. Michael Orris and Dr. John DeBarros) who have come together to provide you with an alternative to a hospital. ASCs are recognized for their lower infection rates, minimal wait times and optimal patient care. Your surgeon may be among those physician owners who have invested their time and resources into making this surgery center a reality: providing you a health care alternative that better meets your needs. You have the right to choose any other organization for the purpose of obtaining the services ordered or requested.

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